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Welcome to Ju San  ~  I'm Dee and this is my site where you'll find all sorts of tiles and little components for Mosaic Art, Collage, Jewellery Making and Home Decor. 

I make shaped tiles, square tiles, mosaics, murals, plain and patterned tiles, craft tiles, tiles for jewellery, fill-in tiles & bespoke tiles.I work in ceramics, glass, resin, and polymer clay.  I take on work from a single small tile to whole splashbacks and large murals.
If you can't see what you want on these pages, please contact me by email or Facebook


My glass fusing site:

Facebook: 'Ju-San Glass & Ceramic Art' 

If you want to see my Fusing Tutorials on Youtube

My Etsy Page for US sales

 If you would like to order anything, just tell me what you want, what size you need it to be and which colours you would like.  I'll tell you how much it will all cost. If the quote is ok, I will take a deposit and begin work. 

I can work from your designs and templates, or I can design something for you.
All work is started in order, and there is usually a 4 week wait before I can begin new ceramic work and a 1 week wait before I can begin new glasswork.